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Made By Momma Waterslides

Skunk Cheat Clear Waterslide™ Pen Wrap Decal

Skunk Cheat Clear Waterslide™ Pen Wrap Decal

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Print or Digital

Cheat Clear Laser Printed Waterslide Pen Wrap Decal

1.5"wide X 4.75"tall

This is a clear waterslide decal, that will still show up perfectly on dark and light surfaces even on black cups! They apply the same as normal clear waterslide, they do still have a clear background so no tedious cutting, but the image will show up even on a dark cup. Lettering can be done as well as details in images with white and show up as well without having a tacky white background.  

*Stickers and Waterslides do not ship pre cutout, you must trim with scissors around the edge of your image before applying*
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