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Made By Momma Waterslides

Fall Vibes - Sublimation or Waterslide Wrap - 20oz and 30oz

Fall Vibes - Sublimation or Waterslide Wrap - 20oz and 30oz

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20oz Sub - You will receive a 9.5 x 8.15 inch sublimation transfer that is ready to press onto a 20 ounce skinny tumbler.

These is for the straight style, NOT tapered!

20oz Sub  9.5 x 8.15

30oz Sub 10.5x9.5

20oz Waterslide 9.5x8.15

30oz Waterslide 10.5x9.5

PRESSING INSTRUCTIONS: 400' F for 60 seconds, Medium to Firm Pressure, Peel Hot or let cool. If using an oven do 350' for 6 minutes. (these are different for everyone's ovens and presses so please test and see what works best for you)

Please note that every manufacturer is different therefore I STRONGLY encourage you to measure your drinkware against the measurements above. If you need a different size than noted, please put the exact measurements in the NOTES Section upon checkout.

We use high quality inks and paper, so you'll receive transfers that press beautifully!

Please note:
*Sublimation transfers require a HEAT PRESS to be applied.

Time/Temp will vary based on if you are using a press or convection oven. Please refer to your blanks supplier for time/temp instructions. If you are using a convection oven, you will need a silicone wrap or sublishrink, some use masking tape.
be careful not to move the transfer after it has been heat pressed or you will get something called “Ghosting”. Try to remove the transfer without shifting it (remove it in one peel) or simply wait for it to cool.
Ceramic mugs can sometimes "bleed" after being pressed and dipping it in room temp water after pressing can alleviate that.

* Transfer must be used on a tumbler that is sold specifically for dye sublimation



You will receive a 9.75 x 8.15 inch clear waterslide transfer that is ready to apply onto a 20 ounce skinny tumbler. This is for the straight style, NOT tapered!



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